DECOROIL offers a customised solution for those factories that are producing or in process to produce ceramic inkjet inks. We put all our accumulated experience in offering appropriate solvents, special adapted formulations according with stains, printer machines and requirements of our customers.

  • Special solvents and additives for ceramic inkjet inks formulation.
  • Additives for waterbase inkjet inks formulations
  • Inkjet glues for granilla
  • Additives surfactants for glazes
  • Primers for improving the digital printing quality

Our solvents and additives to manufacture inkjet inks meet the most sophisticated production technology and control. Our R&D department optimizes each formula to meet our customers´ unique needs – the manufacturers of inkjet inks – to get the best results in the quality of their products.

DECO SOLV series

Complete range of solvents suitable for manufacturing ceramic inkjet inks, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

DECO VHJ series

Concentrated mediums for inkjet inks, especially developed for each pigment.

DECO DH series

Additives for dilution to adjust the parameters of each ink, in solid content and properties for printing inks. Used in combination with VHJ series.