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Innovation in all stages of the process

DECOROIL’s activity in this area focuses on the development of new products with high added value for the ceramic sector. Adapting products already existing in other industrial sectors to ceramic applications and contributing with our own developments to improve production processes, reduce their environmental impact and their sustainability

The research of innovative products is a management priority, which guarantees the optimum development of our work and a privileged position ahead of the new Technologies and productions processes.

In our R&D department we listen to your demands and suggestions, creating the optimal and innovative proposals for each situation.
We seek excellence and focus on improvement in all stages of the production process: from grinding, atomization, ink and glaze components, firing stage and packaging adhesives.

DECOROIL is equipped with the most advanced technology available, participates in several investigation projects in cooperation with centres of technology, several Spanish universities, glaze producers and machinery companies, all of them leaders in the market.