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The DECO ESMALT range of additives includes a wide variety of solutions that provide productivity and quality improvements in different glazing techniques.

These include binders, fluidizers, humectants, preservatives, antifoams, drying modifiers, …


In addition to sodium carboxymethylcellulose, we have liquid and solid formulations that reduce surface defects, prevent the formation of cracks, increase adhesion to the support and adapt each glaze to the different types of application: bell, waterfall, discs or airless.


Antimicrobial agents formulated to prevent deterioration where the microorganisms are at the origin, in general, in all types of aqueous suspensions sensitive to bacterial attack.


They reduce the surface tension of the glazes, thus improving the surface quality of the application and avoiding the oil-water repellency problems with inkjet inks.


Formulations specially developed for ceramic glazes to eliminate foam and air bubbles.